Mar 19, 2008

Drag and Drop any media files - Cowon

Cowon support drag-and-drop of all media types. Like Apple’s iTunes which requires you to convert the video or audio files before you play them. Cowon plays all types of media formats, so no need of using the conversion softwares. Just drag-and-drop of any media files and enjoy.

There are two models D2 and A2. D2 comes with a 2.5 inch, 24-bit QVGA (320x240) TFT LCD touchscreen, the A2 is equipped with a 4-inch screen (480x272 pixels) that's a 16:9 wide TFT LCD.

You can watch movies, listen to music and FM radio, and browse photos with ease. TV options are available in both, while the A2 also allows you to capture from the TV.

-- D2 costs Rs 10,000 (4GB) and Rs 13,000 (8GB)
-- A2 (30GB) costs Rs 20,000.