Jul 30, 2009

Register @ Konica and get 25 prints free

Konica has come up with a busines promotion by inviting people online to register and upload their photos and printing them free of cost.

Not before any of the photo labs has done this. Lot of people login to this website and register themself, upload photos and get them printed free of cost. Iam one among them.

You can upload max of 25 photos and get them at your door step or any of the mentioned konica showrooms. This is now available only chennai not sure about other cities. Check with the konica showroom's in your city for this offer.

Goahead upload your photos and get them printed with no cost.

Logon to : http://www.konicacolorlab.com/upManager.php?menu=print

Jul 3, 2009

Spy on your Plants

Have you ever wondered how in the hell this flower in your garden suddenly was blooming in the morning and it was not even visible the day before? Now Think Geek offers the Gardenwatch Cam that makes it easy to spy on your plants in the garden.

This flower surveillance camera is housed in a weather resistant plastic and features a 1.3MP CMOS. The easy to use camera lets you choose multiple time settings to take time lapse photos of your garden.

The Gardencam supports 54 degrees of field of view, 20" to infinity Focal Length and a Macro Effect at 20" with background unfocused.

Photos are stored on 8MB internal RAM extendable to 2GB with USB flash and the camera is powered by 4AA batteries (included). The batteries hold 4-6 months depending on your time lapse settings.

multiple time settings
8MB internal RAM
USB flash
4AA batteries

The cool GardenCam sells for $139.99

Why Cry Baby Analyzer

Although a baby crying is just one of those normal parts of having a baby, sometimes it’d be nice to know why exactly they are crying. Typically it’s pretty easy to figure out, give them a bottle or change their diaper and you’re good. However, sometimes the crying just keeps going, so at those points it would be nice to have a translator. Oddly, Think Geek is there to rescue you with this Why Cry Baby Analyzer.

Just whip this out and it’ll take the gadget about 20 seconds to figure out what’s wrong with your little one. It will then show a face on the screen that you can link up with the five different possible issues. There is stressed, sleepy, annoyed, bored and finally hungry. It’d be nice if it translated things a bit more specifically, but at least it’s something. It also displays the room’s temperature and humidity. To keep it powered, it requires 4 AA batteries. You can purchase it for $99.99.

Source: BBG