Apr 30, 2008

GPS Tracking Key : Track anyone with this

Ethics aside, imagine a little weather-resistant device that will ensure that no unknown vehicular activities are carried out under your nose.

Measuring 3.8 inches in length and 1.46 inches in width (about the size of a slim mobile phone), the magnetic GPS Tracking Key by LandAirSea can be mounted onto your car (even underneath) instantly to receive signals from the twenty-four Department of Defense GPS satellites orbiting the earth to give you precise information on where a person traveled, how fast they drove, where they stopped and for how long.

Well, this is not to say that you are supposed to use it to monitor the whereabouts of anyone in real-time. The recorded data, accurate up to 2.5 metres, can be downloaded and displayed over web applications like Google Earth simply by plugging the USB device straight into your computer.

I say this little thing is good for long distance road travel. If you’re someone who needs to know exactly ALL the details of your next road trip. You never know when this information come in handy, eh?

The LandAirSea Tracking Key runs on two AAA batteries and can last for approximately two weeks based on driving activity of 2 hours per day and alkaline batteries. Using lithium batteries would buy you even more tracking life.

See the Software Demo

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Apr 29, 2008

Wi-Fire - Triple Your Wi-Fi’s Signal Strength

hField Technologies’ Wi-Fire is a compact high-performance USB Wi-Fi Adapter for Mac and PC that extends the Wi-Fi range upwards of 1,000 feet. The device triples the power of the internal receptor, making it virtually impossible not to get a signal, regardless of where you are.

If you’re looking to improve your internet connectivity and thereby improve your efficiency in any setting whether it’s the airport, park or even dorm room, look no further than this valuable gizmo from hField Technologies, Inc.

The device is 3 x 4 x 3/8 inches in size. It folds up for transportation and connects to the Mac and PC using USB. The device retails for $79 in the U.S.

iPhone and iPod charger On The Move

Here comes the charger for you ipod and iphone where you can carry it anywhere. It is compatible with iPod touch and all other iPod devices except for the iPod shuffle. It comes with a scratch-proof high-quality aluminum case.

# Made for iPod licensed 30-pin connector
# Compatible with iPod touch and all other iPod devices except for the iPod shuffle
# Gives you up to double the battery time
# Small and lightweight for pocket, purse or briefcase
# High-quality aluminum case virtually scratch-proof
# Snaps on to iPod instantly no bulky cable
# Begins to charge your Apple device immediately
# Battery pack includes both AC adapter [110-240V] wall charger and USB retractable charging cable
# USB retractable cable connects Smart Backup Battery directly to computer’s USB port or AC wall adapter for convenient charging
# Charge the Smart Backup Battery and iPod together [the iPod will charge first and then the backup battery รข€” the next morning both are completely charged]
# Lithium-ion technology does not develop “memory” so you can charge often
# Smart, automatic on/off charging technology protects the battery from overcharging
# Advanced circuitry keeps battery cool to touch
# Blue, green, red LEDs indicate charging status
# 90-day warranty from RichardSolo.com

Apr 28, 2008

Dell to support Microsoft XP

Microsoft is set to cut off sales of Windows XP, but Dell has announced that it plans to continue offering the long-standing operating system on its computers. The Software giant made firm assertions that it has no official plans to extend the lifetime of Windows XP. Microsoft has been struggling for over a year as it tries to migrate users from XP to Windows Vista.

Dell, the successful PC maker known for its wide array of customization options, said it will offer the XP downgrade option free of charge fo its Latitude, Optiplex and Precision line of computers. These professional-grade PCs come standard with the high-end versions of Vista. Additionally, other systems including Vostro and XPS models can come with XP for a fee.

Extreme Speed 300X CompactFlash from Transcend

Transcend recently revealed its new Extreme Speed 300X CompactFlash cards. Transcend's 300X CF cards are built with an advanced ECC (error correction code) that automatically detects and corrects errors during data transfer.

Transcend's Extreme Speed 300X CF cards are now available in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB capacities.

Product Features

* Extreme Speed 300X performance, read/write speeds up to 45MB per second
* Hardware ECC (Error Correction Code)
* Supports IDE PIO mode 6 and Ultra DMA mode 5
* Fully complies with the new CF 4.1 standard
* Multi-platform compatibility and low power consumption
* 100% tested for quality, speed and reliability
* Lifetime Warranty
* Default setting: Ultra DMA mode 5
* Actual transfer speeds may vary due to host hardware, software and usage

Apr 23, 2008

Handwriting recognition in iphone

The application allows a user to enter arbitrary text (Chinese, Latin letter sets are supported) by drawing a character shape on the iPhone screen. As the user draws a letter, the software is promised to recognize it after a brief pause and enters the recognized letter into whatever text field a cursor is currently positioned. For each recognized character, HWPen offers similar recognized, so you could quickly correct your input. We were not able to figure out whether the software is actually “learning” a user’s handwriting.

Video of HWPen in action

Launch of triple-core Phenom processors from AMD

AMD had launched its first three B3-stepping versions in the Phenom X3 series, which do not include the TLB bug anymore and are available through retail channels immediately. It is serious about winning back market share in the mainstream desktop computing segment from Intel – and it has become clear that AMD’s strongest weapon will be triple-core processors.

AMD today released the models X3 8450 (2.1 GHz), X3 8650 (2.3 GHz) and X3 8750 (2.4 GHz). No other AMD processors carry more hope that the company will finally be able to make a dent in Intel’s dominance in the desktop market with its Core 2 Duo processor.

Apr 22, 2008

Media Player from Adobe

Adobe is making its entry into what is widely called a “next-generation” TV era on the Internet. Built on the company’s AIR platform, the Media Player 1.0 launched late yesterday with an initial set of episodes and episode snippets from shows airing on major TV networks. Strangely enough, while the software is advertised as a cross-platform media player, Adobe prohibits the use of the software on any device other than desktop and notebook PCs.

Adobe’s Media Player (AMP) should not be confused with other “Media Players”, such as Microsoft’s Windows Player (WMP). While the WMP is a playback platform for most of popular media files available offline and online, the AMP is a pure online play that competes with applications such as Joost. Adobe describes its AMP as a “cross-platform media player [that] provides exciting new ways for viewers to discover and interact with their favorite content, while offering revenue and brand-building opportunities for content publishers.”

Source : TGDaily

Robotics platform from Microsoft

Microsoft this week released the first widely available preview version of its Robotics Developer Studio 2008, the software giant's latest advancement in the emerging robotics industry.

The preview software is available now as a free download from Microsoft's robotics website, and marks the beginning of an update to Microsoft's 2006 software product.

At today's Robobusiness conference in Pennsylvania, Microsoft also announced the robotics competition Robochamps, which will use Robotics Developer Studio 2008. The contest will open up on April 21.

Source : TGDaily

Apr 21, 2008

Yet another free P2P software - Pando

Pando is free P2P software that makes downloading, streaming and sharing large media files fast, easy and fun.

* Publish downloadable videos, photos and audio to any web site
* Email files and folders up to 1GB
* Use your existing email, no registration required
* Know if your files are downloaded and how often
* No need to be online when recipients download
* No compression, FTP or flaky web uploads
* IM links to your files or entire folders to any IM buddy

website: www.pando.com/

Online Microsoft Tools - Word, Powerpoint, Excel

Zoho Writer is an online word processor that allows you to create and share documents online. You need not install any software in your desktop, all you need is just a browser and an internet connection for working with Zoho Writer.

Zoho Writer is loaded with a rich set of functionalities. You can:

-- Create, format documents online with a powerful WYSIWYG editor
-- Access, edit, and share (by email address) documents online from anywhere with whomever you choose
-- Periodic auto-saving of your documents to prevent data loss
-- Export documents to your desktop as Word, SXW, PDF, ODT, RTF, TXT and HTML
-- Import documents in Word, SXW, ODT, RTF, JPG, GIF, PNG, HTML and TXT formats.
-- Post your documents to your blogs (Blogger, LiveJournal, Typepad, WordPress etc) from within Zoho Writer
-- View, edit and save documents available on the web directly (no need to download documents to your desktop & then open them using desktop-based software)
-- View your documents' revision history, compare versions and rollback to any version of your choice
-- Publish your documents online for public view
-- Tag your documents for easy access
-- Lock your documents while working in shared mode

website: www.zoho.com

Apr 10, 2008

Kantaris Media Player – Play any format of videos

Kantaris can play almost anything you can throw at it -- AVI, MPEG, MGEG-AVC, WMV, MOV, MKV, quicktime, matroska, divx, xvid, H264, MP3, WMA, OGG files and more. Kantaris can also play DVDs and audio CDs. The player also displays some of the most beautiful music visualizations ever seen. All this is completely free.

Download here : http://downloads.sourceforge.net/kantaris/Kantaris_0.3.4_setup.exe

Generate your own passwords

Password Bird is a password generator. The bird generates random passwords from the information you provide. The result is a hard-to-guess word that is familiar and easy for you to remember. At the same time you need not worry that the website keeps a track of the password that gets generated. They are not stored anywhere.

Website: http://www.passwordbird.com/

Store your files free of cost

Storing all your data in your computers is safe unless it gets affected due to a virus or any other source. In that case you may have to keep a backup of all these data either in a storage media. Else you can store them in a server through which you can access these files anywhere anytime. 1800edrive.com is a website where you can place your personal files up to 25 GB. This website gives this free of cost for the users who register with them.

Website: http://1800edrive.com/

Storm worm on April Fools Day

On April Fools day, many users cast aside all precaution and gleefully open joke e-mails and attachments apparently sent both by friends and unknown parties. The criminals behind the Storm worm are exploiting this user behaviour by sending out what seems to be an April Fools e-mail. The last time the Storm worm went on the rampage was on Valentine's Day.

The e-mails have subject lines including All Fools' Day, Gotcha! April Fool!, Happy April Fool's Day. and Today's Joke!. The body of the e-mail points to a Web address consisting only of a numeric IP address. Thunderbird warns users twice in succession that the e-mail may be a phishing attack.

Detection rates for this contaminant are miserable, as is so often the case. Only AntiVir (TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen), BitDefender (Trojan.Crypt.AP), ClamAV (Trojan.Crypted-16), Ikarus (VirTool.Win32.LDE), Sophos (Troj/Dorf-BA) and Symantec (Trojan.Peacomm) detected the contaminant when we checked this morning. Avast, AVG, Dr.Web, F-Secure, Kaspersky, McAfee, Microsoft, NOD32, Norman and Panda could not find it.

This April 1, users are advised to remember standard precautionary measures and not click on any links in e-mails from unknown parties or open any attached files that have not been requested.

Source: heise-online

Sign in to any messanger under one roof

Now you can choose to have imo start up and sign you in automatically to Yahoo, AIM, MSN and Google Talk when you turn on your computer, all without having to open a web browser. All the regular features of imo such as linked accounts and video chat work just like you'd expect, and there are a couple new features, as well.

For instance, imo can pop up notifications of new messages, so you'll never miss a message from your friends. Imo can also be told to disappear from your task bar entirely while still updating you with new messages.

Working with the Windows app is the new "Remember me" option. When you check this box, you can have imo remember you when you sign out for the day, and sign you back in automatically the next time you return.

Download application: https://imo.im/download.html

Apply Lake Effect to your Picture

Upload your Picture to create Lake Wave effect. Get the outputs in GIF animated image with wave effect. also you can post the images in your Favorite Sites like, MySpace, Orkut, Blogger, Piczo, hI5, igoogle , Facebook, Live Spaces and more.

Website: http://wavemypic.com/

Veeple - Share online video in real-time

People place interactive spots, VeeSpots, into any video creating videos with a more personal, family or social context. Think of a VeeSpot simply as a point of interaction in a video. Using VeeSpots, a person can instantly link a video to a friend’s MySpace or Facebook. A VeeSpot, for example, can link a video of a Ferrari to the official Ferrari web site. An eBay Seller uses an eBay VeeSpot to link buyers directly to their auction. Do a search from the video. Link to Wikipedia. Etc.

Website: http://www.veeple.com/

Apr 4, 2008

Key posts in Tekkie News till Now

Sale - World's Most Expensive iPod

Microsoft releases Vista SP1

Google Docs go offline

Fastest Blu-ray Writer from LG

Optimize your computer

Send large files to any email address

Change you XP menus to Vista

Save your Mobile details online

Free Online Zipping Tool

Free web-based email retrieval application

Information thefts - Beware

Million dollar question

S-Frame brand of digital photo frames from Sony

Count number of words through website

Get full details by entering any I.P.address

Access your messengers even there is a firewall

Convert any text to mp3

Update your computer online

Universal userid across different websites

Sale - World's Most Expensive iPod

What was up on sale at the London auction was what they’re calling the ‘worlds most expensive iPod’ which was essentially a diamond studded, 18 karat, white and pink gold iPod Shuffle. Reportedly it has a total of 430 diamonds and was created by Kopiav Thomas Heyerdahl (see image below). It wasn’t just the Shuffle that was diamond encased, the earphones were as well. The device was estimated at about 20,000 pounds that's equivalent to about Rs. 1,639,673.55.

Kopiav Thomas Heyerdahl

Apr 1, 2008

Microsoft releases Vista SP1

After more than four weeks of Vista SP1 release chatter, Microsoft officially announced today the availability of the Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista.

The list of features offered by SP1 are quite extensive. Owners of USB removable media will be happy to see exFAT, a new file-system that will support larger capacities and larger files (current FAT32 file system limits the largest single file to 4 GB, while FAT16 is limited to 2 GB). This is actually a critical new feature since high-end USB sticks are already available with up to 32 GB. The previous file system does not support single-volume 48 or 64 GB USB sticks.

The multimedia interface was upgraded to DirectX 10.1, which means that you can expect ATI to drum this feature all the way to the bank, especially since Nvidia is launching its GeForce 9800 line-up without the support for this API. All GeForce 9 products are based upon different versions of G92 chip, and this means DX10.0 for GeForce 9200, 9400, 9600 and 9800 products.

The BIOS as we know it is ready to kick the bucket, since SP1 delivers support for EFI and UEFI. This feature provides the foundation for boot disks that can boot the PC without BIOS (but of course, with EFI), and also enables a native installation on GPT formatted disks. Boot, Restart, Standby and Hibernation are supported as well. This should bode well with owners of Macs and future PC computers.

Source:TG Daily

Photoshop now online

Adobe has launched a Beta version of Photoshop Express, a new online photo editing, storing and sharing service that is offered as a free version with limited room for pictures. Behind a fancy interface, Adobe has created what easily could be the best version of any online image editing and management service currently available.

Adobe joins Linux Foundation

Adobe announced today that it has joined the Linux Foundation, a move that is seen as a triumph for supporters of open-source platforms. Kick-starting its Linux push, Adobe has released an alpha version of Adobe Air for Linux operation systems, allowing developers to use standards like Adobe's Flash and Flex in Internet programs.

Google Docs go offline

Google announced this week that it is now allowing users to access their files in Google Docs, an online suite of Microsoft Office-type software, even when they don't have Internet access. The functionality comes as an extension of Google Gears, which lets users create a hard copy of every website they visit so they can view it later when they're offline.