Feb 25, 2008

Track your visitors and pageviews

OneStat is the most reliable and fully password-protected tracker. It provides the most detailed web analytics reports. Just insert a simple piece of tracker code into your web page´s source code and you are ready to go! Login at OneStat.com and start monitoring and analyzing all the visitors to your web site in real-time! Your site is automatically listed in the charts which will drive traffic to your web site!

With the OneStat Free tracker you can easily:

# See how many visitors and pageviews you have
# Who your visitors are
# Which pages of your site are the most popular
# See how your visitors find your site, and where they are coming from
# What kind of browsers your visitors use
# What hours, days, weeks, months, and years they are particularly active
# How your site performs compared with other web sites

Website : http://www.onestatfree.com/

Change you XP menus to Vista

Are you bored looking at your xp start menu's? Here comes the tool to update your xp menus with vista. Vista Start Menu is the convenient alternative to the plain Start menu you find in Windows XP and Windows Vista. The program uses your cognitive abilities (visual memory, reflexes,etc.); however, while it is easily understandable for beginners, it is also highly efficient for experienced users. Go ahead and try replacing your Start menu right now! It is safe because Vista Start Menu does not change your system settings, thus making it easy to install, as well as simple to remove.

Download Link : http://www.vistastartmenu.com/VistaStartMenu_Setup_freeware_en.exe

Get notified when the recipient visits your link

LinkBlip is a site where you can monitor when someone has clicked a link you sent them. Have you ever sent someone an email and never heard back? If you send them a LinkBlip URL, you'll automatically be notified by email when they click on it. This site also tells you what city and state they were in when the clicked the link.

How it works:
# You enter a URL and your email address into the above form.
# It generates a special URL for you, which you can then email to someone.
# When someone clicks that special URL, you are notified by email with the time they clicked it as well as the city and state they were in. The recipient of the URL never knows the difference.

Website: http://linkblip.com/

Protect your eMail address from Spam

Spam bots search the websites and create mailing list to send the spam. They take the email addresses written on your website page in text format and send you spam emails. The spam bots are not able to read the email addresses written on a image (picture format). So to fool them Spam Proof eMail Generator have created a free service where you can just enter your email address, choose colors and font types and create a picture of your email address which spam bots will not be able to read. Check out the email image here which i have generated using this website.

Website: http://spam-proof-email-generator.com/

Feb 21, 2008

Save your Mobile details online

Mobyko is the simple and easy way to save all your names and numbers to one safe place. So now if you lose your phone, your life doesn't go with it! Sign up and your worries will soon be over. In just a few clicks you'll have every name and number on your mobile phone safely stored in your own private and secure online vault. Only you can access it with your unique user name and password. This even works for your iphone.
Link: https://www.mobyko.com/

Free Online Zipping Tool

When you are browsing outside where you want to zip some files and sent by mail, and there are no zipping softwares. Here comes a online zipping software, which allows you to zip the files online. No need to register or download any software for this, just select the files from you local machine and click the button "Add to Zip", it makes life more simpler.

Link: http://zip-online.net/

Free Browser Security Test

Browsers, just like any other programs have bugs. Most bugs are just annoying. But some bugs can be exploited to violate the security of your computer. You browser receives and processes data sent to it by web sites. A web site can send your browser some data that exploits a bug in a browser and violates your computer's security.

Different security bugs can allow different attacks. Some bugs make the browser download and run a program supplied by a web site without asking your permission and without giving you a warning. In this case the attacker can do anything to your computer - erase your files, infect you with a virus, install remote control software, snoop on your emails, etc. Other bugs are less disasterous. They can allow, for example, to read portions of some files on your computer.

Just login to this website and test your browser before you logon to any other websites to make sure you have a secured browser. http://bcheck.scanit.be/bcheck/index.php

Free web-based email retrieval application

http://services.mail2web.com/FreeServices/EmailRetrieval/ A free, secure and anonymous web-based email retrieval application. Pick up your email from almost any POP3 or IMAP4 email server. No registration is required to access or use the application.

mail2web.com chat service is an Instant Messaging system which simplifies your life by making it easy to access all of your different instant messaging accounts under a single system. Chat with MSN®, AOL®, YAHOO® and ICQ® Instant Messaging users.

Feb 19, 2008

Add / Remove unwanted programs easily

There are so many free programs available nowadays. Saving all the programs in our computer takes a lot of space, which slows down the processing speed. At some point of time we are forced to delete some unwanted programs from our computer, which will automatically increases the speed.

To delete the programs we have to select settings from the start menu, from that we have to select control panel. Finally from control panel we have to choose the Add/Remove programs option to remove the unwanted programs.

The above process consumes a lot of time, to make this process simpler we can use the following web site http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/myuninst.html. This site provides us free software which can be downloaded and if we run the software all the programs will be shown in a separate window, from that we can select the unwanted programs and uninstall it.

Information thefts - Beware

In a recent survey we have come to know that those who send forwarded emails from their office face lots of problem. Some of the problems that companies face nowadays are sending the official information to the personal mail id and clicking the links in the mails. 49 percent of the officials working in reputed companies getting spam emails, the reason behind this are the official’s mail id is available all the time.

Online money exchanges, B.P.O are the common areas, where a company faces these kinds of problems. Nearly 3,16,338 websites are involved in this information theft and it’s functioning all the time. People using emails are advised to be more cautious to avoid these thefts.

Feb 14, 2008

New range of cell phones and ipods from Apple

Cell phones containing various facilities like internet, emails, movies and music albums are popular among people all over the world. Last year Apple had introduced an iphone; this iphone had changed the mobile industry. There is one variety of iphone whose storage capacity is 8G.B and sold at the rate of Rs.16,000.

Apple has now doubled the storage capacity of this iphone to 16G.B and its rate is fixed as Rs.20,000. Apple’s another new release is iPod, through which we can listen to music. Initially the iPod’s storage capacity is 16G.B and its price is Rs.16,000. Now Apple has introduced 32G.B iPod and it is sold in the market at the rate of Rs.20,000. The above two products are introduced by Apple last week.

New Interesting mailing service

Whenever we are typing mails we can easily rectify the mistakes and can also change whatever we wrote. The changes and the mistakes made are not known to the person receiving the mail. This kind of sending mails without mistakes is helpful for business purposes. But in the case of love letters and letters written to our close friends, it is not interesting if the changes are not seen.

Nowadays we also send love letters through mail, reading the letters without the changes made will not be interesting. To make the letters interesting we can send the letters along with the mistakes and the changes we made.

www.fuzzmail.org is a website which does this. After entering this site, we have to give our name and email address. Then we have to give the recipient’s name and email address, after that we have to type the information. To use this facility it is not necessary for us to register as members. As soon as we start typing, all the matters get stored and it is sent to the recipient’s as a link. The recipient has to click the link to replay what are all the changes and mistakes we made during typing. This site is much helpful for those who want to send interesting and lively love letters through email.

Google search information in a new way

Google search popularity is increasing nowadays because of the new facilities and services introduced by them. This makes google the number one in the internet search. In this line of search google has now introduced few more facilities and it is now testing these facilities in its research site ‘google lapse’. Another additional information is that the users can enter this site, use and test these facilities. They can also give their suggestions and comments. The three new facilities introduced by google are timeline view, map view and info view.

With the help of timeline view we can search for information within the specified years. For example if we are searching for information about Rajinikanth (actor), we can use timeline view and get the details within the specified years (i.e.) from 1945 to 2007. We can also extract the details from 1980 to 1990 from the above specified years. So to get the information within the specific time period we can use this facility.

The next facility is map view. In this view whatever information we got after the search, based on that maps will be displayed on the right hand side of the screen. If we search for Rajinikanth in map view, we will get the map of Bangalore. Since Rajinikanth’s birth place is included in the details. Using this facility whatever information we are searching for we can get maps relating to that.

The last facility in this site is info view. With the help of this facility whatever information we are searching for we can get the answer based on the dates, measurements, locations and images. For example if we are searching for the details about Rajinikanth in the info view we can get four options in the right side corner of the window like dates, measurements, locations and images. We can select any option from the given four options, based on the option selected we can get related information. By selecting the dates option and if we give December 2006, we can get all information regarding Rajini in that particular month.

Post you comments by entering www.google.com/experimentals site and use all these three facilities.

Feb 11, 2008

Bookmark your websites and email them

Each and every user using the internet will be using the bookmark facility. Generally whenever a user browses through the net and if they find a site interesting they will recommend that site to their friends.

To give the user this facility there are so many sites available now. Some of them are stumpleupon,digg,del.icio.us,facebook,google bookmarks,reddit and stumbleupon. Depending upon the user’s recommendations other users will visit that site. But in the case of websites other than this if we want to make a bookmark we have to come out of the site presently we are reading and open a new window and register it.

If we want to send some WebPages through email to our friends, we have to send the link from our email account. In this process so much time is wasted. To solve this problem www.shareaholic.com helps you. It is enough if we download a software provided by this site which is available free of cost.

After the downloading process gets completed an icon will appear on your window which will contain the website logo. After the logo is set, in whatever site we are if we click the logo that particular webpage we are reading is sent to all the bookmark websites. There is one more service provided by this site bzzster, which is an email service.

This service is helpful if we want to send an interesting webpage that we are reading to our friends via a mail. Another interesting information is that we are not supposed to come out of the page we are currently reading and can save time.

Free multi-protocol Instant Messaging

In the internet world nowadays there are so many facilities available. One such facility through which we can merge all the chat accounts in to a single window and can use all the accounts at a time.

www.pidgin.im - Pidgin is a multi-protocol Instant Messaging client that allows you to use all of your IM accounts at once. To utilize this facility it is enough if we download a software which is available free of cost. The chat accounts like google talk, A.O.L, yahoo chat can be used for chatting and at a time 16 chat accounts can be operated from a single window.

By using this site we can avoid the chat accounts to be operated separately. With the help of this site we can immediately get messages from all the chat accounts that we are using, to our desktop. This site is mainly useful for those having many chat accounts and getting confused by operating all the accounts separately.

Monitor your website free of cost

People creating their own websites to store their personal details and don’t have time to monitor their site. There are one set of people whose interest is to check the speed of websites and also the popularity the sites got among people. To help out these issues http://site24x7.com is providing the necessary information.

With the help of this website and as a free member we can utilize the services for the first 15 days and get information from many sites. After 15 days this website will be sending site information in an interval of one hour. If we want to know the speed of a particular site and if it is working slowly then we will get that information through email or s.m.s. We can also find the I.P address of a particular site, by giving the web site address.

Another interesting information is that, we can monitor a site advantages and usefulness, and get the necessary information. It is to be noted that if we want to get information from more than one site at a time, then we need to pay for it. Using this site we can get various information about websites quickly and easily.

Feb 8, 2008

Launch of Microsoft Windows 7 M1

Microsoft's next operating system, Windows 7, has not got much dramatic visual changes and a departure from Vista. But then, M1 has a different purpose, it is not intended to provide eye candy. Vista probably has drawn more criticism than any other of the firm's OSs before. But, of course, it isn't quite what you would call a failure, since more than 100 million copies have been sold in a year or so.

Windows 7 M1 comes as a DVD image (2.7 GB in size). M1 version actually is not a standalone Windows version, but requires Vista as a foundation with Vista SP1.

Windows vista Service Pack 1 - leaked onto Bittorrent

Microsoft’s Windows vista Service Pack 1 has already been leaked onto Bittorrent sites around the globe. The release to manufacturing (RTM) version was announced just a few days ago on the Vista team blog, but the software is now available on sites like thepiratebay.org.

File sizes range from 400 to 800 MB and are currently getting hundreds of simultaneous downloads. Judging from the post dates, the files were uploaded within the past few days.

Source:TG Daily

Feb 4, 2008

Million dollar question - will Microsoft XP be saved?

Microsoft’s Windows XP is the most popular Operating System in the world. They have now introduced Windows Vista and started its sales. Though this OS contains so many facilities than Windows XP, the popularity and support that XP gained among people is not reduced. But now Microsoft had decided to stop Windows XP from June 30 this year and this decision is objected by so many groups around the world.

People have placed a petition before Microsoft that there are so many problems arising while using Windows Vista, but using XP is easier and asked Microsoft not to stop XP. For this purpose they have started a web site ‘SAVE XP’, and it is useful for people supporting XP. Some people are supporting the stop of XP and their view is, this is a development in technology we cannot avoid it. In this situation there are more than thirty thousand people giving their support to XP in a week. But what Microsoft is going to do is a million dollar question.

Love stories to political issues as novels through s.m.s

In this fast moving world we don’t have time to sit and listen to stories, reading books is also not possible for many of us. In this situation in Japan based on the listening habit of the people they are releasing novels through s.m.s. The novel includes from love stories to political issues.

This kind of releasing novels through s.m.s has been introduced for the past seven years, but now (i.e.) for the past two years it is becoming more popular. The secret behind the popularity of this service is if we deposit some amount in a month we can send lots of s.m.s for that amount paid.

To make this service simpler, they had introduced a special cell phone containing software to send characters, small doll pictures and music tips. By using the cell phone we can immediately pass on our comments about the novel.

A high school going girl Rin in her free time wrote an s.m.s novel called ‘If you are yourself’, the popularity the novel got is amazing and it is immediately published as a book, till now exactly four lakh copies had sold out.

In Japan last year in the novels category out of the maximum novels sold out five novels are s.m.s novels and this is to be noted down. Now in Japan exactly there are ten lakh s.m.s novel writers present, which is an interesting information.

Though these people are getting popularity there are one set of people objecting this because of the grammatical error, breaking of words and also mixing of other languages while writing the novels. But the s.m.s novel writers are not bothered about these objections and they keep doing their job.

Interact and Discuss with people free of cost

The hotmail’s godfather saber Bhatia has introduced a new service now. A few days back he had introduced a free document service called ‘Live Documents’ and now he has introduced conferencing facility through which we can interact with ten persons at a time.

www.sabsebolo.com is the web site through which we can interact and discuss with people and is available free of cost. To utilize this facility we have to register our details in this site. After registering they will send us an activation key to our email address. By clicking the activation key we can open our account and make them work. After activation process they will provide you the id, password and the telephone number to whom we want to connect. This id and password is important and helpful for the conferencing purpose.

In addition to all these they will also phone up to the persons to whom we want to conference and tell them if you want conference you have to type the conference number following #. After entering the conference number the password should be typed following #. In this way persons whoever wants to join the conference have to follow these steps.

We need not pay for this service, it will automatically adds on to our local or STD bills according to the land line or mobile we are using. This service is helpful for those who want their family members to communicate at the same time and at low cost. It is also helpful for the people running small scale industries.

Feb 3, 2008

S-Frame brand of digital photo frames from Sony

Sony today unveiled its S-Frame brand of digital photo frames. These stylish LCD screens are suitable for the living room, bedroom or office. The new DPF-V900, DPF-V700 and DPF-D70 digital photo frame models have WVGA resolution (800 x 480 pixels) along with 15:9 aspect-ratio screens to showcase your digital pictures with detail and clarity.Inside the black bezels of these thin frames is an advanced image processor that scales and displays images up to 48 megapixels, making the frames capable of handling photos taken with the most advanced digital cameras.

The frames can scale photos down from up to 48MB, which would be good for transferring JPGs and even RAW files directly from a camera's memory card without a intervening PC session. The top line DPF-V900 and DPF-V700 also have Bluetooth compatibility with an optional adapter, and HDMI outputs. The frames do red eye correction using face detection and exposure adjustment.