Sep 22, 2008

Thinnest LCD TV in the world

Sony has launched its Bravia ZX1, a 40-inch model measuring only 9.9mm thick at its slimmest section. The compelling elegance of this wafer-thin display does not require signal cables to spoil the design.

The model uses a Bravia 1080 Wireless connection that carries the audiovisual signal from the separate media receiver to the screen in real time. The visual simplicity is beguiling and creates an impression of effortless sophistication.

Sep 16, 2008

Release of Apple iPhone 2.1 software

Apple posted the iPhone 2.1 software update today. The new firmware is expected to resolve 3G connectivity problems, avoid sudden application crashes and patch a bunch of reliability and security issues.

The smartphone firmware arrives on the heels of the Pod touch 2.1 firmware that was released two days ago. The iPhone is especially important for iPhone 3G owners, since the software promises to fix the device’s 3G connection problems, which resulted in dropped calls and reduced bandwidth. However, according to CEO Steve Jobs, the 3G connectivity issues affected only "a few percent" of iPhone users. The 2.1 firmware also brings new features and tweaks delivered in 2.1 firmware for the iPod touch, such as support for the Genius playlist feature.

The 231 MB update also includes many bug fixes and improvements that seem to solve most of the complaints users had about the 2.0 firmware.

Sep 11, 2008

Yahoo! invites developers to create mobile apps

Yahoo on Wednesday announced at the CTIA Wireless trade show that it would open up its Blueprint mobile platform to developers who want to create applications for Java, Windows Mobile, and Symbian devices, as well as mobile Websites. "Yahoo! Blueprint solves the most challenging problem plaguing today's mobile landscape—now with one click, you can write once and have mobile services run across a critical mass of devices and operating systems, potentially reaching millions of users," said Marco Boerries, executive vice president, Yahoo! Connected Life.

Sep 7, 2008

Google Chrome -

Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier.

In Google Chrome, you can get anywhere on the Web with one box. The address bar that sits at the top of the normal Google Chrome window simplifies your Internet experience by doubling as a search box. You can also use it to bookmark websites and stay aware about the security of a website.

If Google Chrome detects that the website you're trying to access will securely transmit data using SSL, you'll see the following:

* The background color of the address bar changes to gold.
* The 'https' in the URL appears in green for websites with SSL-secured connections established.
* A lock icon lock icon appears at the end of the address bar.

If a SSL-secured connection cannot be established, then you'll see an alert icon alert icon at the end of the address bar, among other possible browser warnings. You can click the icon to open the 'Security information' dialog box and see more information.

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Sep 1, 2008

Internet Explorer 8 the best browser for everyday browsing.

Some of the newly added features of IE8,

Accelerators let you efficiently complete your everyday browsing activities like mapping directions, translating words, emailing your friends, and more in just a few mouse clicks.

InPrivate Browsing
Browse the web without saving your history with Internet Explorer 8's InPrivate Browsing. Now you can shop for that special gift with confidence knowing your family won't accidentally find out or use a shared computer without leaving a trace

Web Slices
Keep up with changes to the sites you care about most. Add a Web Slice and you won't have to go back to the same website again and again for updates on news, stock quotes, online auctions, weather, or even sports scores.

Search suggestions

Search smarter with detailed suggestions from your favorite search providers and browsing history. See visual previews and get suggested content topics while you type in the enhanced Instant Search Box.

SmartScreen Filter
New security features help to protect you against deceptive and malicious websites which can compromise your data, privacy and identity.

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ErrorKey - get a detailed information about the error

ErrorKey is the tool you need to quickly get an answer for errors you encounter. Type the error code or the error message you get on your browser and give those informations in this website to get a detailed information about the error.