Jan 31, 2009

Super Bowl Commercials Online

Super Bowl 2009 will be happening on Sunday February 1st. This Super Bowl is a treat for geeks that is why we will cover it even more than in 2008. Despite the recession a 30 second of a Super Bowl Ad cost about $3m and there should be again lots of must see Commercials. There will be for instance the first 3D Super Bowl Ads and lots of Super Bowl Ads featuring new 2009 Sci-fi Movies including the new Star Trek and the next

Sites to watch Super Bowl 2009 Ads Online:

Jan 26, 2009

Sony Ericsson W595 unboxing

Jan 21, 2009

Sony Ericsson C510 (Cyber-shot)

The Sony Ericsson C510 features the camaera functions of Smile Shutter which can detects a person's smile and takes the photo, Auto-rotation which can alter the landscape and portrait view by rotating the mobile phone, Face Detection which can focus up to three faces at a time, and Photo Fix which can adjust light balance, brightness and contrast simultaneously.

It also includes Snapfish by HP, a pre-installed application that allows users to send print orders from the phone to Snapfish and have quality photo prints delivered to their homes. It is YouTube enabled so that users can upload videos and images straight to the web.

Sony Ericsson C510 - Review

Jan 12, 2009

Samsung touchscreen phone Eternity

Samsung's Enternity has a 3.2-inch touchscreen, 3.0 megapixel camera with video capture, Video ShareSM calling, messaging capabilities including mobile email and instant messaging, Bluetooth technology and a microSD memory card slot supporting up to 8GB.

It supports an accelerometer that will automatically detect motion and the orientation of the device allowing for the use of additional feature capability, including autorotation of the display, motion sensing games and photo scrolling by tilting the device.

Review of Samsung touchscreen phone Eternity

Samsung SMX F34 camcorder

Building on the the company's SC-MX20 camcorder, Samsung's SMX F34 offers built-in memory, digital still photo capability, and the 42x Intelli-Zoom which allows users to go beyond the camcorder's 34x optical zoom.

The SMX-F34 includes a memory card slot for SD/SDHC and also offers 16GB of internal flash memory. It also has a 680K pixel CCD sensor delivers a resolution of 720x480

It will be available in four colors, including black, red, silver, and blue, all with silver trim.

Jan 2, 2009

Watermelon USB Flash Drive 8GB

Realistic looking watermelon containing 8GB of USB flash memory. If you want more than to just plug your old fashioned USB stock in, this novelty USB memory stick that is right up your alley. Just remove the tip to reveal the USB connection, and watch people gape at your one of a kind computer accessory. With all of the same functions and memory that you could ever get from your old USB pen drives but with a really geeky gadget factor, this is premium wholesale item your own computer or eBay store shouldn't be without.

# Flash Memory: 8GB
# USB: 2.0

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Flexible PC keyboard

Low priced, incredibly flexible PC keyboard made completely from quality silicon rubber. The ultimate in portable and durable, this is a key board that can go anywhere you go, take extraordinary amounts of abuse, and still work perfectly. This standard QWERTY keyboard is plug and play with Microsoft OS up to XP, and can plug in and be powered either by USB or by PS/2.

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WiFi and Bluetooth USB Adapter

Wireless USB 2.0 adapter for accessing wireless networks with a fast IEEE 802.11G connection. This is an advanced two-in-one USB stick type external WiFi and Bluetooth adapter for adding the latest in connectivity to your notebook or desktop computer.

For speedy wifi internet you cannot find anything better than this hot 802.11G (WLAN) / Bluetooth adapter. With a simple setup you'll be surfing the internet in no time, without the hassle of cables. Better yet, by adding Bluetooth to your laptop you can be connecting yourself directly to your friends phone or other Bluetooth enabled device to quickly exchange files wirelessly.

Suitable for both Ad Hoc (computer to computer) and Infrastructure (through a router) networks and capable of all compliant data rates up to and including the 54Mbps 802.11G standard. This unit includes Wireless LAN Utility software will allow you to configure and tweak your connection for maximum efficiency. A great addition for both notebook and desktop computers.

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