Sep 14, 2009

New iPod Touch Has No Camera

The biggest disappointed (possibly the only one) from yesterday's Apple Event was the lack of video cameras in the new iPod touch. Apple only lowered the pricing and introduced a 64GB iPod touch. The new iPod nano got a video camera that can only record video and not take photos.

Apple is marketing the iPod touch as a gaming console and it was important to keep the price as low as possible. That is why there is no camera in the iPod touch. Apple just takes it's time to integrate a camera into the iPod touch, because it can. Apple almost matched the pricing for the Microsoft Zune HD and there is no other competition at least in the music player market.

For gaming Apple needs to compare itself to the Nintendo DSi (which sells for $169) and the Sony PSP. The small form factor of the touch is a win there. It is definitely a good direction for Apple to market the iPod touch as a game console