Apr 10, 2008

Sign in to any messanger under one roof

Now you can choose to have imo start up and sign you in automatically to Yahoo, AIM, MSN and Google Talk when you turn on your computer, all without having to open a web browser. All the regular features of imo such as linked accounts and video chat work just like you'd expect, and there are a couple new features, as well.

For instance, imo can pop up notifications of new messages, so you'll never miss a message from your friends. Imo can also be told to disappear from your task bar entirely while still updating you with new messages.

Working with the Windows app is the new "Remember me" option. When you check this box, you can have imo remember you when you sign out for the day, and sign you back in automatically the next time you return.

Download application: https://imo.im/download.html