Jan 25, 2008

Access photos easily

In Internet there are so many ways by which we can easily get informations and this speedy access reduces time. If you are searching for photos in the net, first we will get related sites. In those sites we have to click the photo links to go that web page. After getting in to that page we have to select the photos and click to download and save. In this way we have to cross these stages to get a photo from the internet. Likewise in the case of a site like Flickr we have to first go to the user’s page and then only we can download the photos and save it.

To get away from all these tedious process and to save time, there are so many websites through which we can directly get the photos. One such site is www.dearcomputer.nl/gir which will download all the photos in to a single page while searching google. For example if you type Chennai and specify the size of the photos, the photos gets downloaded in to a single page. From that we can select the photos and save it. Similarly there is one site www.flickrleech.com which will directly download the pictures from flickr site and from that we can select the pictures and save it. So people who are searching for pictures can utilize this site and can save time.