Jan 25, 2008

Write details on photos and record voice

There are so many new inventions coming nowadays which make us thrilling and exciting. In internet there are so many new ideas coming up and the related softwares are introduced. In that invention line there is one exciting feature given by www.voicethread.com, through which we can write details on the photos and also record our voice. For example if you are having your family photo, you can attach the photo in this site and can write the description or comments, like who were all present in the photo and on what occasion the photo was taken.

In addition to that with the help of a microphone you can record your voice. After doing all these we can send the photos to our relatives and friends. They can see our comments written and can hear our voice recorded. In addition to that they can also write their comments and can record their voices. In this way everybody can utilize this site and can share the comments and information. An additional feature of this site is we can get pictures from flickr, my space sites and can make changes and use it. This site is useful if we take photos as a gang. The whole gang can write comments and can record their voices which will be a pleasant memory for them.