Jan 24, 2008

iPod sales 22 million - hits record

Apple hit a record 22 million iPod sales during the final quarter of 2007, along with over 2.3 million Mac computers to bring a total profit during the quarter of $1.58 billion.

The iPod remains the main pillar of Apple’s business: More than 22.1 million were sold during Q4 and the iPod Touch, which, together with the iPhone, is considered to be the benchmark for upcoming Mobile Internet Devices, lifted the average selling price of the iPod family to now $181. The iPhone sold 2.3 million units during the quarter, bringing in $241 million for Apple, including carrier payments and revenue from iPhone accessories.

204 Apple stores contributed sales of $1.7 billion, averaging about $8.5 million of sales from every store. Oppenheimer said that 504,000 Macs were sold through these retail locations, which saw a total of 38.4 million visitors during the quarter.

Source: TGDaily
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