Jan 22, 2008

Get full details by entering the I.P. address

Each and every person who use internet will be given separate numbers. This number is called as I.P. (i.e.) Internet Protocol. The company providing the internet access facility will give the I.P.number. This I.P. number is nothing but the address of the computers having internet connection. With the help of this I.P address we can easily find out from which part of the country the person is accessing the internet. This facility is provided by www.hostip.info. By simply entering the I.P. address we can get all the related information. In addition to that the google map will point out the location from where the I.P. number is given. With the help of this site we can easily find out from where the information is sent. We can also find out the accessing speed while connecting the internet and this site is having a separate menu for utilizing this facility.