Jan 15, 2008

Lockbin - Pass on confidential information through Internet

Even tough all the email services that we use today has Secured Service language (SSL) to protect the privacy of the messages, at the same time there are lots of programs on the Internet, which can sniff your message easily. It’s not safe to share some personal information’s like credit card numbers or phone numbers through emails. Then you can think what is the best way to pass on confidential information through Internet.

Here comes a free online web tool Lockbin, which encrypts your message with a code word supplied by you and sends an email to the recipient along with a link to retrieve the message. The recipient can read the message only if he enters the code word that you have sent.

Lockbin's cryptographic algorithm uses a Secret Word to encrypt messages. You think of the secret word and tell this to your recipient through phone or a text message. When the encrypted message is received, it is destroyed from Lockbin's database, and decrypted in the recipient's browser, provided they entered the Secret Word correctly.