Jan 25, 2008

Count number of words through website

Generally people who write essays, mails for newspapers in the internet will have a problem that how many words they have written in that particular page. But if you write an essay in a word document, word automatically gives you the total word count. http://www.usingenglish.com/resources/textstatistics.php is one such site which will give a detailed description about the words used whenever an essay is given. We can also find out how many words, lines used in a given essay.

In addition to that this site also gives the number of one letter, two letter words used. Another interesting feature is that this site also gives the number of frequently used words, hard words, easy words and commonly used words present in that essay. If you are a free member of this site then we can easily split the words from the essays containing one lakh words and if you are not a member we can split the words containing ten thousand words.