Feb 4, 2008

Million dollar question - will Microsoft XP be saved?

Microsoft’s Windows XP is the most popular Operating System in the world. They have now introduced Windows Vista and started its sales. Though this OS contains so many facilities than Windows XP, the popularity and support that XP gained among people is not reduced. But now Microsoft had decided to stop Windows XP from June 30 this year and this decision is objected by so many groups around the world.

People have placed a petition before Microsoft that there are so many problems arising while using Windows Vista, but using XP is easier and asked Microsoft not to stop XP. For this purpose they have started a web site ‘SAVE XP’, and it is useful for people supporting XP. Some people are supporting the stop of XP and their view is, this is a development in technology we cannot avoid it. In this situation there are more than thirty thousand people giving their support to XP in a week. But what Microsoft is going to do is a million dollar question.