Feb 19, 2008

Add / Remove unwanted programs easily

There are so many free programs available nowadays. Saving all the programs in our computer takes a lot of space, which slows down the processing speed. At some point of time we are forced to delete some unwanted programs from our computer, which will automatically increases the speed.

To delete the programs we have to select settings from the start menu, from that we have to select control panel. Finally from control panel we have to choose the Add/Remove programs option to remove the unwanted programs.

The above process consumes a lot of time, to make this process simpler we can use the following web site http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/myuninst.html. This site provides us free software which can be downloaded and if we run the software all the programs will be shown in a separate window, from that we can select the unwanted programs and uninstall it.