Feb 14, 2008

New Interesting mailing service

Whenever we are typing mails we can easily rectify the mistakes and can also change whatever we wrote. The changes and the mistakes made are not known to the person receiving the mail. This kind of sending mails without mistakes is helpful for business purposes. But in the case of love letters and letters written to our close friends, it is not interesting if the changes are not seen.

Nowadays we also send love letters through mail, reading the letters without the changes made will not be interesting. To make the letters interesting we can send the letters along with the mistakes and the changes we made.

www.fuzzmail.org is a website which does this. After entering this site, we have to give our name and email address. Then we have to give the recipient’s name and email address, after that we have to type the information. To use this facility it is not necessary for us to register as members. As soon as we start typing, all the matters get stored and it is sent to the recipient’s as a link. The recipient has to click the link to replay what are all the changes and mistakes we made during typing. This site is much helpful for those who want to send interesting and lively love letters through email.