Feb 4, 2008

Interact and Discuss with people free of cost

The hotmail’s godfather saber Bhatia has introduced a new service now. A few days back he had introduced a free document service called ‘Live Documents’ and now he has introduced conferencing facility through which we can interact with ten persons at a time.

www.sabsebolo.com is the web site through which we can interact and discuss with people and is available free of cost. To utilize this facility we have to register our details in this site. After registering they will send us an activation key to our email address. By clicking the activation key we can open our account and make them work. After activation process they will provide you the id, password and the telephone number to whom we want to connect. This id and password is important and helpful for the conferencing purpose.

In addition to all these they will also phone up to the persons to whom we want to conference and tell them if you want conference you have to type the conference number following #. After entering the conference number the password should be typed following #. In this way persons whoever wants to join the conference have to follow these steps.

We need not pay for this service, it will automatically adds on to our local or STD bills according to the land line or mobile we are using. This service is helpful for those who want their family members to communicate at the same time and at low cost. It is also helpful for the people running small scale industries.