Feb 25, 2008

Track your visitors and pageviews

OneStat is the most reliable and fully password-protected tracker. It provides the most detailed web analytics reports. Just insert a simple piece of tracker code into your web page´s source code and you are ready to go! Login at OneStat.com and start monitoring and analyzing all the visitors to your web site in real-time! Your site is automatically listed in the charts which will drive traffic to your web site!

With the OneStat Free tracker you can easily:

# See how many visitors and pageviews you have
# Who your visitors are
# Which pages of your site are the most popular
# See how your visitors find your site, and where they are coming from
# What kind of browsers your visitors use
# What hours, days, weeks, months, and years they are particularly active
# How your site performs compared with other web sites

Website : http://www.onestatfree.com/