Feb 4, 2008

Love stories to political issues as novels through s.m.s

In this fast moving world we don’t have time to sit and listen to stories, reading books is also not possible for many of us. In this situation in Japan based on the listening habit of the people they are releasing novels through s.m.s. The novel includes from love stories to political issues.

This kind of releasing novels through s.m.s has been introduced for the past seven years, but now (i.e.) for the past two years it is becoming more popular. The secret behind the popularity of this service is if we deposit some amount in a month we can send lots of s.m.s for that amount paid.

To make this service simpler, they had introduced a special cell phone containing software to send characters, small doll pictures and music tips. By using the cell phone we can immediately pass on our comments about the novel.

A high school going girl Rin in her free time wrote an s.m.s novel called ‘If you are yourself’, the popularity the novel got is amazing and it is immediately published as a book, till now exactly four lakh copies had sold out.

In Japan last year in the novels category out of the maximum novels sold out five novels are s.m.s novels and this is to be noted down. Now in Japan exactly there are ten lakh s.m.s novel writers present, which is an interesting information.

Though these people are getting popularity there are one set of people objecting this because of the grammatical error, breaking of words and also mixing of other languages while writing the novels. But the s.m.s novel writers are not bothered about these objections and they keep doing their job.