Feb 11, 2008

Bookmark your websites and email them

Each and every user using the internet will be using the bookmark facility. Generally whenever a user browses through the net and if they find a site interesting they will recommend that site to their friends.

To give the user this facility there are so many sites available now. Some of them are stumpleupon,digg,del.icio.us,facebook,google bookmarks,reddit and stumbleupon. Depending upon the user’s recommendations other users will visit that site. But in the case of websites other than this if we want to make a bookmark we have to come out of the site presently we are reading and open a new window and register it.

If we want to send some WebPages through email to our friends, we have to send the link from our email account. In this process so much time is wasted. To solve this problem www.shareaholic.com helps you. It is enough if we download a software provided by this site which is available free of cost.

After the downloading process gets completed an icon will appear on your window which will contain the website logo. After the logo is set, in whatever site we are if we click the logo that particular webpage we are reading is sent to all the bookmark websites. There is one more service provided by this site bzzster, which is an email service.

This service is helpful if we want to send an interesting webpage that we are reading to our friends via a mail. Another interesting information is that we are not supposed to come out of the page we are currently reading and can save time.